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Cultivating And Harvesting Belladonna Plant

Belladonna perennial plant and is native to Europe and Asia. This plant which is commonly called a deadly nightshade is three to five foot tall with a leafy, smooth, branched stem. The purplish colored stem is annual and herbaceous. It bears bell-shaped flowers of purple color or dull red color. This plant can be used for various purposes. One can plant belladonna from seeds or by bulbs. But before deciding to plant belladonna, one needs to have proper knowledge on how to cultivate and harvest this plant. The following article reveals precise information on cultivating and harvesting belladonna plant.

Atropa belladonna plant grows strenuously in the United States.  If you know some basics of belladonna cultivation then cultivating and harvesting atropa belladonna plant is not a very difficult task. Belladonna plant favors well drained and well limed soil kept consistently moist. This plant loves sunlight so it can be kept in full sunlight or in partial shade. But remember, extreme sunlight can reduce the plant growth rate. However, in the location of extreme heat belladonna can be grown between rows of beans for shade.

Going further with the info on cultivating and harvesting deadly nightshade, belladonna seeds are usually sown during the first half of the march. However, germination of the seeds with takes a month or at least six weeks. Once the sprouts grow to be an inch high you can shift it to eighteen inches apart. You can water them well after transplant. The first year the plants will only grow to be a foot and a half tall and flower in September. While cultivating belladonna plant during this time, it is important to remember that the leaves and the tops may be collected but you should not entirely strip the plant.

When winter starts, you can move the plants to 2-3 feet apart to prevent overcrowding. During June you can cut plants down to an inch above the ground during flowering. As far as harvesting of belladonna plant is concerned, the plant will be ready for harvesting a second time in September. At the time of autumn the fourth year the roots of the plant may be collected to make way for new planting. You can also plant belladonna by means of cutting the green branch tips and using them to start new plants. All parts of the plant should be dried quickly in the sun, directly after harvesting. Any wilted or discolored leaves should be dissuaded as they contain little or no alkaloids and therefore serve no real purpose.

After going through this article, we are sure you know a great deal about cultivating and harvesting belladonna plant.