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How To Plant Belladonna Bulbs?

As we all know belladonna plant can be grown from seeds or by bulbs. But before you decide to plant belladonna bulbs, it is essential that you have proper knowledge on how to plant it from bulbs. The following article briefly reveals the basic information regarding how to plant atropa belladonna bulbs.

Planting belladonna bulbs would not be that much difficult if you learn the simple basics. Listed below are the simple steps to plant deadly nightshade bulbs:

1)      The first step is to remove each belladonna bulb from the package as soon as you bought from the market. Separate each bulb, count the number of bulbs, and then set them aside in a shaded area where they will not be disturbed while you prepare the planting holes.

2)      The next step is to turn the soil in the location where you have decided to sow belladonna bulbs. Also add any needed soil amendments. When the soil is ready, you should dig holes that are 5 inches deep to the neck of the bulb. After this add bulb fertilizer to the bottom of the hole and mix it into the dirt so it's not touching the belladonna bulb. This will be the second step to plant belladonna bulbs.

3)      Now you can plant belladonna bulbs in the holes that you have prepared, roots down, growing tip or bulb neck up. You need to cover them carefully to the base of the bulb with dirt so that you can avoid breaking off the growing tip.

4)      Also place labels above the bulbs and water them well. You should water it weekly during the spring, summer and fall if there is less than 1 inch of rain.


Given above are the simple steps to follow for planting belladonna bulbs. Once you have planted the bulbs, strap like leaves will appear in some time, and then it will die back in summer. By late summer stems will be of 18 to 24 inches tall bearing a cluster of fragrant flowers in an array of colors. Before deciding to plant belladonna bulbs, make they are hardy in your USDA hardiness zone. A good care must be taken to ensure the plants are able to get off on a good start from the time they are planted.