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Classification Of Belladonna Plant

Belladonna is also commonly known as deadly nightshade. This plant very poisonous yet it is used for medicinal purposes. Belladonna is a biennial plant with big simple leaves and bell-shaped flowers. In fact, all the parts of belladonna plant are poisonous and narcotic. Here in this article we will discuss about the classification of belladonna plant.

When we consider the classification of atropa belladonna, in the year 1753, Linnaeus gave the first botanical description in Species Plantarum. It belongs to nightshade family which shares with potatoes, tomatoes, eggplants, wolfberry, jimsonweed, chili peppers and tobacco. The common name of this species are Belladonna, deadly nightshade, dwale, devil's herb, love apple, sorcerer's cherry, murderer's berry, dwaleberry, witch's berry, devil's cherry, black cherry, divale, great morel, dwayberry, naughty man's cherries. Once classified as Solanum lethale and Belledonna folia.

The name Atropa comes from the Greek word Atropos, one of the Greek Fates, while belladonna is an Italian word meaning ‘beautiful lady’. Let’s find out the scientific classification of deadly nightshade.

Given below is the scientific classification of belladonna plant:

Kingdom – Plantae (plants)

Subkingdom – Tracheobiota (vascular plant)

Order – Solanales

Family – Solanaceae

Genus – Atropa

Species – A. belladonna