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Preparation And Precaution For Belladonna Plant

Atropa belladonna is a highly toxic plant but it has many medicinal values. Purified form of belladonna has been used to prepared medicines for treatment of certain diseases. Belladonna can be narcotic, diuretic, sedative, antispasmodic and mydriatic. To get its benefits and usefulness one needs to have precise idea about preparation and precaution for belladonna plant.  In fact belladonna is most valuable plant in the treatment of eye diseases. Atropine, obtained during extraction, being its most important constituent on account of its power of dilating the pupil.

Having knowledge beforehand on preparation and precaution for atropa belladonna is very essential if you like to use belladonna for its hallucinogenic qualities. For this one would soak the plant in rubbing alcohol for a couple of days and then evaporate it by means of an electric grill. Once the stuff evaporates into a gunny resin takes about one fifth of a gram (0.2 grams). However, continuous usage will be harmful. Make sure you have in-depth knowledge on preparation and precaution for deadly nightshade before you plan to use this plant.

If you like to use belladonna plant for its psychoactive effects, it is always wise to smoke its dried leaves or root in a pipe. In fact smoking is the safest is the safest and mildest way to try the drug for the first time. But before doing this, you need to get well informed how it is being prepared so that you can use it effectively and less harmful ways. In simple words, preparation for belladonna plant is very essential before you think of using this plant in any ways. However, the various preparations of belladonna have several uses. Locally applied, it reduces irritability and pain, and is used as a lotion, plaster or liniment in cases of neuralgia, gout, rheumatism and sciatica.

Belladonna is an atropine based plant and its highly toxic so you need to take precaution for belladonna plant. This plant is a severe hallucinogen, actually more like a delerient. Belladonna is extremely toxic. Relatively small amounts can cause coma and/or death. The ripe berries are sweet and poisonous and to be kept away from children and pets. The above information on preparation and precaution for belladonna plant will be helpful to you.