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Homeopathic Uses Of Belladonna Plant

Belladonna plant which is also known as deadly nightshade is one of the most commonly used homeopathic remedies. This plant has a powerful effect on human heart, lings, brain and nervous system. When using belladonna plant, care must be taken of as this plant is a poisonous plant. The toxic substance contain in belladonna plant i.e. atropine in minute doses is used in many heart medications. It can be dispensed in dilute, nontoxic doses. Here we will let you some the homeopathic uses of belladonna plant.

As we consider the homeopathic uses of atropa belladonna plant, many homeopaths uses this plant for the treatment of fever, common cold, coughs, arthritis, menstrual cramps, headaches, stomach upsets, nerve pain, inflammation of the brain or spinal cord, depression, insomnia flu, boils and abscesses. These are the homeopathic uses of deadly nightshade. However, with all homeopathic remedies, the prescription of belladonna totally depends on the individual’s overall symptom picture, mood and temperament.

As we move on with the further information on belladonna plant homeopathic uses, we came to know that, when used as a homeopathic remedy, belladonna is administered in a highly diluted form to trigger the body's natural healing response without risking belladonna poisoning or death. In fact the remedy is prepared by talking leaves, roots and fruit of the plant, grinding them and mixing with alcohol to form the basic tincture, which is then diluted to the recommended potency of 30C.

Homeopathic remedies will best if given to the individuals with specific personality traits. People with hotheaded, intelligent person or people who become ill quickly and unexpectedly can greatly benefit from the use of belladonna plant. Other homeopathic uses of belladonna plant are for the treatment restlessness, anxiety, insomnia and sensitivity to light, touch, noise, stress or pressure. Results of a clinical trial performed at the National Cancer Institute of Milan, have also revealed that homeopathic remedies of belladonna can be useful in relieving the discomfort, warmth, and swelling of the skin associated with radiotherapy for breast cancer.