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How To Plant Belladonna Seeds?

Atropa belladonna which is also commonly known as deadly nightshade plant can be grown from seed or by bulb. This plant is sun loving and will thrive anywhere where they receive plenty of rays throughout the day. Belladonna plant is native to South Africa and produce flowers that can be grow up to three feet tall with a large cluster of blooms on the top of them. This plant is hardy through zones 7 to 10, but loves sunlight. You can plant it from seeds or bulb. The given article shares precise information on how to plant belladonna seeds.

Planting belladonna seeds is not a difficult task although seedlings take a long time to flower. Here are the few simple steps to plant atropa belladonna seeds:

1)      As mentioned above, belladonna plant loves sun and shade throughout the day will affect in the growth or production of the plant. So, the first step to plant deadly nightshade seeds is to find a place or location that has good drainage and long hours of sunlight. However, the site’s dimensions should be approximately 2 feet by 2 feet. Also keep in mind that flower stalks get very tall so place them where they won't block any specimen plants that are low growing.

2)      The second step would be the addition of a large shovel full of sand to the area that you have selected to sow belladonna seeds. Make sure there is adequate drainage for the plants. This will help the roots to push through the soil when growing. You need to loosen the sand and soil mixture down to approximately 1 foot into the ground.

3)      The next step to plant belladonna seeds is to scrape a 1/2-inch deep trench into the tilled sand or soil combo and then lay out a line of seeds into it. You should cover the belladonna seeds with sand or soil combo and then water the area thoroughly.

4)      You should water the area or location only when the soils starts to dry out. Don’t let the area or spot dry out completely.

5)      It can almost take two months for the seedlings to emerge from the soil, so make sure to keep the area the seeds are in free of foot traffic and debris.